Monday, September 24, 2007

The Dorm Room Diner Part I

This blog will be a peek into the every day struggle of a college student trying to eat like a normal person.

The diet of a college student is unlike any other species. While somewhere in the world, individuals are dining on lamb chops and rosemary mash potatoes, a college student is eating his way through 3 medium pizza's from Domino's. While somewhere in the world someone just ordered minestrone soup and a garden salad, a college student is feasting on a package of Doritos and an energy drink. While somewhere in the world, individuals are sitting down at a table to a spinach and cheese omelet, a college student is lighting a cigarette.

You might have heard of an urban legend that tells of a college student who lived on nothing but microwavable chimichangas and pancakes on a stick. It's not a legend. That student is my friend, Sam.

Well I am here to say, enough! I am putting my foot down. I refuse to mindlessly eat whatever is available at hand. I am speaking out to my generation to actually look at what is on their plate. Look at it! I dare you to even think about it! I am daring myself as well. So from local restaurants to my dorm room, welcome to my personal food saga.

1 comment:

wvsam said...

Haha... love it! For a second I thought that "Sam" was suppose to be me... i was like... "I never did that?!"